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Maine Coons


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We hope you enjoy seeing our gorgeous pedigreed Maine Coon cats and please enjoy taking a look.  We are located in San Diego, CA.


Cascade Mountain is a registered cattery with TICA and with CFA. We actively show our cats in TICA (The International Cat Association) locally, and occasionally travel to show our cats around the country. We are fortunate to have many Supreme Grand Champions, Regional Winners and a couple of International Winners’ in our breeding program. Our breeding cats have very carefully chosen pedigrees that feature healthy lines with great personality, and show winning conformation to the Maine Coon standard. Along with this dedication to pedigree and health is the belief that high quality cat food is essential for the life and health of the cats we treasure and share our lives with.

We breed and raise healthy and beautiful Maine Coons. The breed is known for their wonderful personality and sweet disposition so we take special care in selecting only cats with this trait for our breeding program.

LA SGC CascadeMtn Deschutes

In taking steps towards producing the healthiest kittens possible, all our breeding cats are screened by a board certified cardiologist and must be found free of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy* (HCM), and are genetically tested to be free of the MyBPC3 gene (which can cause HCM), and are radiographed to be free of hip dysplasia.

*Disclaimer: Screening for this disease is currently the recommended method to aid in reducing the incidence of this genetic condition in our cats. Breeders can not guarantee that their cats will not have this condition.

We have been showing Maine Coons since 1999 in TICA (The International Cat Association). We went looking for a Maine Coon kitten and fortunately acquired our first Maine Coon from Betsy Tinney of Pinecoon cattery in Redmond, WA.

We maintain a small cattery, which is our home and have only a few litters each year. Our kittens are raised in a bedroom with plenty of room to run and play. Our Kittens and Cats are NEVER caged but raised or living in spacious areas of our home. Once their vaccinations are complete they have the run of the house and socialize with other cats we have. We spend a great deal of time and attention toward socializing our kittens.
RW SGC CascadeMtn Indianapolis 500

Our kittens will go only to approved homes no earlier than 14 weeks of age. Additionally, they will be vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and are guaranteed to be free of parasites, bacterial and viral infections.

We place kittens only to homes where they will never be declawed. Declawing is unnecessary and can cause lifelong pain and disability, even when the surgery is done properly. Our kittens are taught from babyhood to use a sisal scratching post which we have available in most rooms of the house.

Sometimes when people approach a breeder with questions about getting a kitten, they are surprised that we are asking them questions as well. We are admittedly very picky about choosing the very best of homes for our babies. We've planned the breedings that brought them into the world, we've stayed up through the night assisting the mom during their birth, and as toddler kittens and youngsters, they have had the run of our homes and hearts for the past few months.

IW SGC CascadeMtn Ace O Spades with his littermate sisters.